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table of contents
Birthday Parties

     Wrightsville Beach
     Carolina & Kure Beaches
     South Brunswick Is.
    Topsail Island & Vicinity
Exploring Nature
Getting Physical
Getting Wet
Go Fish
Going Mental
Holidays (49 bytes)Easter (49 bytes)
Halloween (49 bytes)
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Summer Camps



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spacer.gif (818 bytes)Among a parent's greatest area resources for entertaining kids (besides the beaches and waterways) are the various museums, which offer classes and workshops in arts and crafts, and the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, which also offers classes and workshops as well as outdoor activities. Also, opportunities for adolescents to learn boating skills, participate in gymnasium and team sports and take part in many other activities, both physical and cerebral, exist with the various parks and recreation departments throughout the area. To contact these resources, see the listings in our chapters on Watersports and Sports, Fitness and Parks. (Information on child care can be found in our Schools and Child Care chapter.)

For this chapter, we've tried to ferret out some of the participatory activities that are easily overlooked as well as the bare necessities of kidstuff to balance the ubiquitous consumer-oriented offerings. Keep in mind that many of the activities listed here are not strictly for kids; conversely, many attractions and activities listed in other chapters are not exclusively for adults. Be sure to comb other chapters (especially Attractions) for great kidstuff ideas.

Each section in this chapter deals with a type of activity or interest: Amusements (including hobbies and toys), Animals, Arts, Birthday Parties, Eats, Exploring Nature, Farms, Holidays, Getting Physical, Getting Wet, Going Mental (for inquisitive minds) and Summer Camps.