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Newspapers and Journals
Television Stations
Radio Stations
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A wealth of print and broadcast media sources keep Wilmington and the surrounding coastal communities well-informed on topics of national, international and local importance. The region's large and well-established business, arts, education and film communities create a talented pool of writers, performers and media professionals. In terms of staying power, the area's dominant newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations are stable sources of information. In the print medium, visitors will also notice an abundance of tourist-oriented publications in street racks. We haven't listed all of them here, but they are generally handy guides to the area's attractions. Some of these periodicals have been around for years, while others seem to drift in one day and out the next. There's a robust business in publications on real estate; in fact, these magazines and booklets are so pervasive you can hardly go anywhere without encountering them.

Choices for radio listening are eclectic, ranging across talk, country music, religious, urban contemporary, Top 40 and the diverse offerings of the city's own National Public Radio affiliate. (20767 bytes)

Television is a somewhat limited medium without cable or satellite services, in which case a whole spectrum of channels becomes available. Public Television, broadcast from Jacksonville by way of Chapel Hill, has a strong signal.

The media resources listed in this chapter have settled into their own niches on what seems to be a permanent basis as a result of their thoroughness of coverage, accuracy, reliability and professionalism. In an ever-changing and expanding industry, these information/entertainment outlets have proven themselves over time.