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Schools & Child Care

The southern North Carolina coast is served by three public school systems. New Hanover County has the largest system, as it encompasses the largest city on the state's entire coastline. Brunswick County Schools and Pender County Schools serve largely the rural populations to the southwest and north of New Hanover County.

Additionally, the region offers a growing list of independent (private) schools, both secular and religion-based, that meet a broad range of educational requirements. Home schooling has become increasingly popular, so we have included some helpful information about state and local resources.

School-age children in New Hanover County should be immediately enrolled in a public or independent (private school) unless they are home-schooled. To enroll a child in the public schools, the parent or guardian must bring to the school a certified copy of the child's birth certificate along with the child's Social Security card, completed health assessment, immunization records and proof of residence. Children entering kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before October 16 of that year. Parents of students who were enrolled in a different school should bring the student's last report card and copies of standardized test reports to the new school.


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