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table of contents
The Sun
The Sand
The Sea
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Sun,Sand & Sea (818 bytes)Insiders and returning visitors understand the appeal of North Carolina's southern coastal region. Warm, semi-tropical weather, sandy beaches, friendly people and Carolina-blue skies, combined with the lure of the sea, make this area paradise. Bathing suits, shorts, golf shirts and sandals are a must for coastal Carolina living. Is it any wonder that visitors from all over the world return year after year or choose to retire here?

Take leisurely walks along the shore. Romp in the gentle waves of the ocean or cruise the area's waterways. Relish the sun's warmth and the sway of ocean breezes. Stand barefoot in the sand and witness truly magnificent sunrises and awesome sunsets. All of these activities lift the spirit and create memories for a lifetime. However, there are some important precautions to take while enjoying the area's bounty, and we let you know about them in this chapter. The beauty and pleasures of North Carolina's southern coast are some of the best available. Enjoy your visit and return often. Many of the Insiders you'll meet here started out as visitors too