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Human Services
The Arts
Historic Preservation and Community Development
Animal Welfare
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One of the most wonderful aspects of this coastal community is that people love living here. And when people appreciate their home towns, they want to share that joy. Maybe that's why this area is filled with so many tireless volunteers.

Dedicated volunteers are always in high demand, and your willingness to serve in any capacity will definitely be appreciated. As you'll read in this section, there's a need to suit just about anyone's interest. Involvement with good causes and organizations not only helps the community, it benefits each individual who supports them.

First Call for Help, an excellent 24-hour information and referral service agency, located at 615 Shipyard Boulevard in Wilmington, (910) 397-0497, can provide information about human service organizations throughout the region. The Community Services pages of the phone books contain listings of most area human service agencies as well. Look, too, in Wilmington's Sunday Star-News, Section D, which has a spread called "Community Connection"; there you'll find features about different organizations and volunteers plus an extensive list of agencies and churches needing volunteers in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender counties.

In Brunswick County, The Volunteer Center is the place to contact if you are interested in volunteering but are not sure exactly what it is you want to do. Located at the Brunswick County Government Center, 25 Referendum Drive (Building N) in Bolivia, this organization has listings of nearly 100 agencies, public and private, that involve volunteers. They will match you with agencies that need volunteers in your line of interest and expertise. The Volunteer Center holds annual volunteer recognition events with the cooperation of private enterprise as well. The center has met required standards to be included in the Points of Light Foundation and Volunteer Center National Network. This network can be reached at (800) VOLUNTEER. The local number for The Volunteer Center is (910) 253-2412. 

The arts, health services, nutrition, historic preservation, environment, minority interests, business development, human relations, housing, schools and education, and special festivals make up a fraction of the volunteer possibilities in our area. The following is a condensed list of some organizations that would appreciate your involvement.